Angels and Gingerbread

14 Apr

This afternoon Peter was snacking on an apple and he told Dean that he was saving a piece for great grandma (she passed away a few weeks ago). Then he said he was going to hang the piece of apple in a tree because great grandma is an angel now and she will come down and eat it.

Shortly after that we went out in the snow and since there was a fresh snowfall last night he decided it was the perfect time to make snow angels. When he was done I asked him if he knew any angels and he said “Yes, great-grandma. She went in the ground but then she turned into an angel and gingerbread…”



Sugar and Spice

13 Apr

We were in the shop visiting the kittens Dean rescued when Peter spotted their sled – it was full of fertilizer (not sure why and I didn’t ask). I told him not to get too close to it because it had fertilizer in it and Peter replied “Yah and it makes me spicy!”


Image (no kittens were harmed in the making of this picture…)

Their Powers of Observation

31 Mar

Every now and then the kids completely astound me with their powers of observation. This week Dean got the tires changed on his truck from his winter to summer tires. He said they are the same brand, same rims, the only thing that is different is the tread. The day he changed the tires he picked the kids up and he said that Peter noticed immediately that they were different tires. When Dean asked how he knew they were different he pointed at the treads. I don’t even know if that is something I would have noticed when I was a kid. I find it quite amazing actually.

They aren’t always logical

29 Mar

At supper the other night after Peter said to Dean “Dad- please just stop talking to me” (such attitude for a 3 year old), he announced that he could not eat any salad because his pants were wet (from playing in the snow).

Well thats one way to lose a tooth!

24 Mar

Charlotte’s tooth had been getting looser and looser this week. On Saturday she was wiggling it constantly but we had to go to her great-grandmothers funeral so we asked her to stop while we were in church (because who wants to deal with a bleeding mouth in the middle of a funeral). After everything had finished up we were heading to her grandparents house and Dean was driving. The light ahead was going to turn yellow but he kept going. At the last minute he decided to stop and braked pretty hard. Next thing we know Charlotte is freaking out in the backseat and yelling “Ow! Dad you made me yank on my tooth!!” so I turned around and there was Charlotte with bloody gums and her tooth barely hanging on. I got a tissue out of my purse and handed back to her and 2 seconds later she yelled “MY TOOTH CAME OUT!!!”. Turns out when Dean hit the brakes she was wiggling her tooth with her fingers and the momentum made her yank on her tooth!  I think next time she has a loose tooth we are going to go for a drive…

I’m going to Marry Peter

15 Mar

Tonight when I was putting the kids to bed Peter said “You’re going to marry me.” “Really?” I said. “I’m already married to your daddy!”

“Nooo – you’re going to marry me.”

“Do you have a good job? Do you have lots of money? Will you buy me presents?” I asked.

“I’ll buy you new glasses” he says totally seriously.

“Why new glasses?” I asked.

“Because those are too bright!” he replied. 

He’s braver than I thought!

24 Oct

I started decorating our house for Halloween last night and one of the decorations was a clear window cling with ghost- like faces on it. which we put it up in one of the kitchen windows. This morning Dean was bringing Peter into the kitchen for breakfast (and we get up at 6:30 so its still pretty dark) and Peter saw the faces and said “Daddy take it down.”. Dean assumed that Peter was scared by the faces so he said “Do they scare you buddy?” and Peter said “No, I want it in my bedroom.”


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