Unknown Allergies

2 Oct

Me: I really need your co-operation tonight because I have to get the house clean and dad is working so I’ll be doing everything myself. I can’t come home tomorrow at lunch because I’m going out with a friend.

C: HEY! how come you get to go out and I have to stay at boring school! And Peter has to stay at boring daycare!

Me: Peter, is daycare boring?

Peter: Yah

Me: So you are telling me you are bored all day, every day when you are at daycare?

Peter: Yes. And I’m allergic to daycare.

Shopping Review – Topshop

30 Sep

I love fall. One of the things I love most about fall is wearing and layering cozy sweaters. I can be very particular about my sweaters so for quite some time now I have been looking for the perfect oversize cream sweater.

Don’ t get me wrong – I found lots of shops online that carried them but I didn’t want to spend a fortune and it had to ship to Canada. I finally found something great but when I went to the checkout I discovered that they were going to charge me $25 for shipping. I don’t think so!

Finally after another futile search I found just what I was looking for. “Oh hey – I remember Topshop being mentioned in the Shopaholic novels! Wait, its from the UK though…. Shipping will probably be crazy and it will take forever to get here right?” (I said this all in my head – not out-loud if you were wondering…) Wrong! First off the price was very reasonable (it happened to be on sale but even regular price was less than a good sweater here – and let me tell you there is nothing wrong with the quality). And the shipping was only $7. $7! Can you believe that ? To top it off, the sweater was in my hands (it was +20 the day I picked it up so I didn’t put it on)in less than a week! I can’t even get products shipped in Canada that quickly! If you spend over 100 pounds (cant find the symbol on my keyboard :P) they will ship it to you for free – even internationally!

From now on I think Topshop is going to be one of the first, if not the first site I check for my fashion needs.

Dangers Lurking Everwhere

29 Sep

*Peter comes rushing through the doors to the back yard*

ME: Peter – why did you come in the house? I thought you wanted to play outside.

P: I had to come in. There was a red dragonfly and it was going to kill me!

Blue Horses

24 Sep

P: I wish I could feed a horse.

Me: What do horses eat?

P: Milk. And grain!

Me: Oh? what kind of grain?

P: Blue grain. But only blue horses eat blue grain. I have a blue horse.


28 Jul

This conversation took place at the supper table when we were eating pizza.

P: I found the wishbone!

C: There is no wishbone in a pizza!

P: Yes there is! I wish for (mumble mumble)

C: Well then I wish I had Elsa’s powers.


M: Peter – Charlotte can wish for whatever she wants.

P: But she will freeze everything!

M: *imagining thawing Peter with a hairdryer everytime Charlotte gets mad at him and freezes him*. Good point Peter. Charlotte – you aren’t allowed to wish for Elsa’s powers.


Silly Things

26 Jun

Charlotte: Mom…when are we going camping?

Me: This weekend. Are you guys going to be good and get along and not drive us bonkers so that we want to come home and send you back to daycare?

Charlotte and Peter: Yeeess!

Peter: But I can still do silly things to you.

Here in the water

25 Jun

Me: After we get back from camping you start swimming lessons. Are you excited?

Peter: Yes! I’m going to drown under the water!

Me: You’re going to drown under the water??

Peter: I wont die.


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