My Friend Robot

2 Mar

P: Mommy I taught Sammy how to fix an auger!

M: Really?

P:  Yah! When my friend robot …when my friend robot was driving his tractor,his auger broke and I fixed it for him and showed Sammy how to do it!

Mama – I need to tell you something

25 Jan

I was trying to get Peter out of his car seat and while I was bent over him he whispered “Mama, I need to tell you something…”

“Ok, what do you need to tell me?”

“I don’t want my bones to be broken…”

You’re drunk

26 Dec IMG_0471

Kids were all in the basement playing and they asked Emily if she would be the monster. Emily told the kids she was too tired so Peter said “you’re already drunk!”

The difference between farm equipment and cars

19 Nov

P: mommy! Let the car drive by itself! Is it driving by itself?
M: No- cars don’t drive themselves.
P: Why not? Daddy’s sprayer does…

Can’t buy love

10 Nov

Peter runs up to me with a nickel he found on the floor…
P:Mom! Can I buy you a really big present with this money?
M: What do you want to buy?
P: I want to buy you a new camera! With this coin! I’ll give the money to dad so he can buy it.

Don’t shoot the elephant

7 Nov

D:(while looking at the Cabellas flyer gets to a page of guns and jokingly says…) I’m going to buy myself some guns.
P: But don’t shoot an elephant…
D: I don’t think I would be shooting any elephants around here.
P: Because elephants are funny!

Smells like Sunset

28 Oct

The other evening we were getting out of the car and there was a definite smoke smell in the air. As I was getting Peter out of the car I said “Phew! It smells” and he said “Smells nice!”. “Smells nice?” I said. “Yah it smells like…..SUNSET!”


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