Count Peter

20 Jul enlight1-1

While Peter was brushing his teeth tonight he told me that he was a vampire. I didn’t think much of it because Charlotte already told me that Peter was saying that he was a vampire. What she neglected to tell me (and I found out from Dean later) was that he bit his own arm at daycare and tried to suck his blood…


19 Jul enlight1

I was in Charlotte’s room while Peter was getting ready for when his shilouette appeared in the doorway.

     “Mom, which hand is this?” He lifted up his right hand which was dangling limply. 

  “That’s your right hand” I told him.

“My right hand drownded. It’s dead now.” he said, and walked away.

Ladies man

4 Jul

The other day when we were getting ready to go to the beach and the kids were putting on sunscreen Charlotte said “I wrote kick me in sunscreen on Peters back”. I thought she was joking until he turned to leave the camper and sure enough his back said “kick me” in sunscreen. Of course after we were done laughing I made her rub it in. Yesterday as we were putting sunscreen on again Charlotte said she had too much sunscreen so Dean suggested that she write on his back again. A minute later while she was writing on his back she said “I’m writing ladies love me” 😆

It’s just a little crack

22 Jun

I’m in bed with Peter and he leans over to inspect my leg.

P: Mom, you have a crack in your leg

M: What??

P: Your leg is cracking.

M: My leg is cracking?

P: yah. But when your skin falls off new skin will grow back. Don’t you remember when you told me that in Mexico?

M: Um no- I don’t remember that

P: (inspecting my leg again) Oh it’s ok. You don’t have a crack. It’s just one of your blood pipes.

Life isn’t fair

4 Apr

Today Peter got to go to his grandma and grandpas house, and Charlotte was not happy she didn’t get to go. To add insult to injury, I made her clean her room but I told her Peter would also have to clean his when he got home. At bedtime Charlotte said ” you have to take Peter’s toys away because he didn’t clean his room”. I told her that I was letting him do it tomorrow because he got home late. 

“Today has not been fair at all!” She said. “First Peter got to go to grandma and grandpas…”

“All I did was clean toilets!” Peter said.  


Cold Teeth

9 Jan IMG_8730

P: Mom, when my teeth are cold I have to bite my arm*bites his arm*, because my arm is warmer than my teeth.


7 Jan

This morning I mentioned to Dean that Chicago Fire was back on tonight and we needed to remember to record it. Charlotte overheard and asked what it was so I explained it was a show about firefighters. She asked if there were lots of fires and I said in a big city like Chicago there are more fires than where we live. I started to explain how our firefighters were volunteer firefighters and lots of them have other jobs when Peter piped up, “ I know another job! Rescuing kitty’s from trees!”.


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