Rememberance Day

19 Nov img_5224-1

I was showing my husband a video from the kids school Rememberance Day ceremony because Charlotte’s class sang a song at it. Peter was sitting with us watching and said “Thats the day the soldiers were at our school”. 

“Oh there were soldiers there?” I asked.

“Yah, they were vegetarians” he replied. 😂

It’s all about the chocolate

14 Oct enlight1

On the way home yesterday Charlotte and I were discussing “crushes” and I asked her if she had a crush on anyone. “Noooo” she replied.  “Love is gross”.

“What do you mean love is gross?” I asked.

“It’s gross. The kissing, and the flowers, and the chocolates, and the ‘I love you’s’. Yuck! Well actually I like chocolate…the only reason I would ever date a boy would be for the chocolate”

It’s a guy thing

13 Oct

Peter and I were discussing birthday’s and I jokingly said ” you know- my birthday is next month. What are you getting me?” And he said, “It’s a secret…” but a second later he whispered in my ear,”New jewelry”…”and a frying pan” he yelled. 😆

It tastes bad but it works

30 Sep

*Peter randomly wanders in to the office where I’m working and says, “Mom, do you know what you should get to keep you from feeling sick? (at this point I wonder what he’s talking about because I’m not sick or feeling sick…) Buckley’s. It tastes bad but it works”

Terry the fox

29 Sep

Today the kids did the Terry Fox Run (well walk actually) and  a minute ago Peter came into my room and said ” Terry wasn’t even a fox. His name was Terry the Fox and he was HUMAN!” 😂😂

A great smelling…

15 Aug

Charlotte : (sniffing her hair after having just had a shower)…Mmm. You know what would be really great? If you grew a really big moustache and then used nice smelling conditioner on it. Then you could smell it ALL DAY.

Tee, bisquits and golf

5 Aug

We’re on our way home from the beach and as we pass the golf course Peter asks if we can go golfing. “Tomorrow buddy. Tee time  is in the morning.” I told him.

“Do we have to drink real tea?” He asked.