That would hurt…

31 Aug

Last month a new skate park opened in Melfort and Peter went to the grand opening with his grandparents and won a skateboard. He took it to the lake with him and one morning he tried it out but he ended up falling on his face and scraping his cheek. Once we were back home he told us he would like to go to the skate park and Charlotte said “Are you actually going to go skateboard? Are you going to try skateboarding on your face?”


Random Insights

29 Aug

C: Are leeches venemous?

Me: No – they do secrete something that keeps your blood from clotting though.

C: So they are basically like water vampires.


P: (playing with Deans moccasins) Did you know these are made from buffalo?

D: Actually this pair is made from cow.

P: So you are basically wearing cows on your feet?



Post Secondary Aspirations

27 Aug

P: Do you have to go to College?

Me: Sort of. It all depends what you want to do career wise.

C: You don’t but mom met dad at college, so if you want to meet the love of your life you have to go to college. Unless you meet them in a coffee shop and they buy you coffee.

Future Ambitions

22 Aug

Peter (told us this while we were on a road trip): When I grow up I’m going to be a YouTuber and I’ll be able to do a backflip while dabbing…

The Tooth Fairy is Out of The Bag

8 Jun

Yesterday Peter lost a tooth. Yesterday I was also exhausted from a long day at work and guess what I forgot? I’m rushing to get ready this morning and I hear Peter sadly say “Mom the tooth fairy didn’t come”. Oh shit. I’m already running late and frazzled so instead of making something up like I’ve done so many times I said “I’m really sorry buddy. I have a confession to make. I’m the tooth fairy. I forgot. I was so tired last night”. He thought for a second and said “That’s ok mom” and gave me a hug. Then he went off to start packing his lunch. I heard him discussing his newfound knowledge with his sister when he said “Wait a minute…does that mean MOM goes to everyone’s houses and takes their teeth?!?!”

Let Me Smell Your Hair

30 May

The other night I told the kids they both needed to have a shower. Charlotte went first and then a few minutes later I heard her talking to Peter “Did you shower already? That was really fast- let me smell your hair!” 🤣

For the record he DID actually shower and his hair smelled very good.

Mustard Sandwiches

3 Oct

On our way for supper in the field Dean asked Peter how his day at school had been. Peter said it was good except that he forgot to bring his lunch kit home. Dean said that it could have been worse – he could have forgotten to take his lunch to school. Charlotte said if that happened he would probably get a lunch from the school. She said “I forgot my lunch once and I got one from the school. They would probably give you a yogurt tube and a mustard sandwich.”

” A mustard sandwich??” we all asked. Not only does that sound bizarre but Charlotte HATES mustard. “Was mustard the only thing in it?” I asked.

“Well there was ham too” she replied.