Mustard Sandwiches

3 Oct

On our way for supper in the field Dean asked Peter how his day at school had been. Peter said it was good except that he forgot to bring his lunch kit home. Dean said that it could have been worse – he could have forgotten to take his lunch to school. Charlotte said if that happened he would probably get a lunch from the school. She said “I forgot my lunch once and I got one from the school. They would probably give you a yogurt tube and a mustard sandwich.”

” A mustard sandwich??” we all asked. Not only does that sound bizarre but Charlotte HATES mustard. “Was mustard the only thing in it?” I asked.

“Well there was ham too” she replied.


The tooth fairy is broke?

28 Apr

So the tooth fairy must have been pretty busy last night, because when we woke Peter up this morning he was devastated to discover the tooth fairy hadn’t come (after finally losing a tooth that’s been bugging Dean for months). Whooops. Dean told  him maybe it was because he left his tooth on his dresser and didn’t put it under his pillow. So while Peter ate breakfast I was scrambling to find change and cut out a “Tooth Fairy Receipt” (it’s a cute idea until your kid loses a tooth and you can’t find the damn things).  I snuck into Peter’s room and took the bag with the tooth (and money??) and replaced it with the receipt and some money and then told him to look. So he ran into his room and found the money and was pretty excited. Then he said” She took the money too!” so I asked “Why did you leave the tooth fairy money?” (20 cents) and he replied, “Because I don’t  want her to be broke!” .  Then he picked up the bag with his money and said “Maybe the next time I lose a tooth I’ll give her back this money!”

Watch me sleep

20 Feb

We’re visiting the in laws in Arizona but heading home tomorrow. Deans mom was tucking Peter in and said “it’s going to be quite a few sleeps until I get to see you again” and Peter replied, “well, if you want you can stay up all night and look at me”

Stomach Bugs

24 Jan

For a few says Charlotte was having stomach cramps on and off and after missing a couple of days of school Dean took her to the Doctor. He said that it was just a stomach virus aka stomach bug. When Peter came home he asked her how she was and she said that she was ok – the doctor just said she had a “stomach bug”. “Really??” Peter said. “Did you see it on an Xray?”

Rememberance Day

19 Nov

I was showing my husband a video from the kids school Rememberance Day ceremony because Charlotte’s class sang a song at it. Peter was sitting with us watching and said “Thats the day the soldiers were at our school”. 

“Oh there were soldiers there?” I asked.

“Yah, they were vegetarians” he replied. 😂

It’s all about the chocolate

14 Oct

On the way home yesterday Charlotte and I were discussing “crushes” and I asked her if she had a crush on anyone. “Noooo” she replied.  “Love is gross”.

“What do you mean love is gross?” I asked.

“It’s gross. The kissing, and the flowers, and the chocolates, and the ‘I love you’s’. Yuck! Well actually I like chocolate…the only reason I would ever date a boy would be for the chocolate”

It’s a guy thing

13 Oct

Peter and I were discussing birthday’s and I jokingly said ” you know- my birthday is next month. What are you getting me?” And he said, “It’s a secret…” but a second later he whispered in my ear,”New jewelry”…”and a frying pan” he yelled. 😆