Guest post

16 Mar IMG_1524

Today’s post has a guest contributor- my niece Ruby. It was her sister Rose’s birthday and we stayed overnight for a visit. The kids were all having a bath together and when they were done Paul asked if they had a good bath. Ruby replied, “yah, but nobody pooped in the tub!”

I need a bath

15 Mar

P:(speaking very quietly)Mommy, I need a bath because I’m stinky again…Charlotte farted at me. 

The “F Word”

12 Mar

For context – our kids don’t swear – which is amazing considering what they have been exposed to (we refrain from swearing around them but it’s not like they haven’t heard people swearing…)Yesterday I implemented some new rules regarding chores and tv/ipad time. The kids were spending wayyy too much time with electronics and not doing chores regularily. I told them that from now on they had to do “X” number of chores for 30 minutes of  tv or iPad time. They were both ok with it at first – but after Charlotte had used up 30 minutes and I told her she needed to do more chores  for more time glared at me and said ” “F-word” These new rules!”.  Dean immediately turned and went in the kitchen and burst into laughter.

Hey Mom!

9 Mar

P: Hey mom! When I eat my food talks!

Building a Restaurant

3 Mar

I was getting a bit fed up with the kids demands at supper time so I told them ” This isn’t a restaurant!”.  Peter then said, “Daddy and me are going to build a restaurant outside- daddy and his friends and me and my friends. But only in the summer and we are going to need a crane and I’m going to drive the crane and it’s only going to have wheels- not crawlers.”

Pet Mouse

2 Mar

P: Daddy, leave the door open. Don’t worry about mice coming in the house. My pet mouse lives in the garage and he sleeps in the car….

My Friend Robot

2 Mar

P: Mommy I taught Sammy how to fix an auger!

M: Really?

P:  Yah! When my friend robot …when my friend robot was driving his tractor,his auger broke and I fixed it for him and showed Sammy how to do it!


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