When I grow up

20 Apr

Peter and I were in the car and so to make conversation I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up.

P: A worker. That works at worksites.

M: Like construction sites?

P: Yah.

M: And what will your job be?

P: I’ll drive the excavator. And Jacob – from daycare is going to work there with me and he’s going to drive and excavator too. And we will  fight zombies and kill them with chainsaws and then put dirt on them.

M: You mean you will bury them in the holes you did with your excavators?

P: Yah. But not deep holes. Just short holes. Lots of short holes. 2 millions of short holes.

Easter Zombies

5 Apr IMG_1794

Charlotte: I wish the easter bunny would come tomorrw too. 

Dean:That’s not really what easter is about.

Charlotte: Is it about Jesus rising from the dead?


Charlotte: That’s gross!!

Guest post

16 Mar IMG_1524

Today’s post has a guest contributor- my niece Ruby. It was her sister Rose’s birthday and we stayed overnight for a visit. The kids were all having a bath together and when they were done Paul asked if they had a good bath. Ruby replied, “yah, but nobody pooped in the tub!”

I need a bath

15 Mar

P:(speaking very quietly)Mommy, I need a bath because I’m stinky again…Charlotte farted at me. 

The “F Word”

12 Mar

For context – our kids don’t swear – which is amazing considering what they have been exposed to (we refrain from swearing around them but it’s not like they haven’t heard people swearing…)Yesterday I implemented some new rules regarding chores and tv/ipad time. The kids were spending wayyy too much time with electronics and not doing chores regularily. I told them that from now on they had to do “X” number of chores for 30 minutes of  tv or iPad time. They were both ok with it at first – but after Charlotte had used up 30 minutes and I told her she needed to do more chores  for more time glared at me and said ” “F-word” These new rules!”.  Dean immediately turned and went in the kitchen and burst into laughter.

Hey Mom!

9 Mar

P: Hey mom! When I eat my food talks!

Building a Restaurant

3 Mar

I was getting a bit fed up with the kids demands at supper time so I told them ” This isn’t a restaurant!”.  Peter then said, “Daddy and me are going to build a restaurant outside- daddy and his friends and me and my friends. But only in the summer and we are going to need a crane and I’m going to drive the crane and it’s only going to have wheels- not crawlers.”


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