Life isn’t fair

4 Apr

Today Peter got to go to his grandma and grandpas house, and Charlotte was not happy she didn’t get to go. To add insult to injury, I made her clean her room but I told her Peter would also have to clean his when he got home. At bedtime Charlotte said ” you have to take Peter’s toys away because he didn’t clean his room”. I told her that I was letting him do it tomorrow because he got home late. 

“Today has not been fair at all!” She said. “First Peter got to go to grandma and grandpas…”

“All I did was clean toilets!” Peter said.  


Cold Teeth

9 Jan IMG_8730

P: Mom, when my teeth are cold I have to bite my arm*bites his arm*, because my arm is warmer than my teeth.


7 Jan

This morning I mentioned to Dean that Chicago Fire was back on tonight and we needed to remember to record it. Charlotte overheard and asked what it was so I explained it was a show about firefighters. She asked if there were lots of fires and I said in a big city like Chicago there are more fires than where we live. I started to explain how our firefighters were volunteer firefighters and lots of them have other jobs when Peter piped up, “ I know another job! Rescuing kitty’s from trees!”.

Kid Snippets

6 Jan IMG_8804

I was lying in Peter’s bed last night at bedtime when out of the blue he said “I broke my leg, that’s why I can’t play hockey.”
“ You broke your leg?” I said.

“Yes, but it’s only a little cracked. It will be better tomorrow. It heals in the morning, but not overnight”. 

Hmm – I think someone has been watching Kid Snippets with his sister…

A Couple is Alot

31 Dec

p: Charlotte did you know a couple is lots?

C:  No it’s not. A couple is only 2!

P: Yah but when mom says “a couple of minutes it’s a million minutes!”


Don’t jump

21 Sep IMG_4801

before we left the city today I thought the kids would enjoy going up on the train bridge over the river. Once up there Charlotte said “I don’t know why but sometimes I get these bad thoughts, like right now I want to jump on the tracks.”

“I want to jump in the water” Peter said.

“That would kill you” I told him. 

“Oh…I’m definetly not going to do that then!” he replied. 

Button Phobia

10 Sep

I bought a couple of new shirts for Charlotte for fall and one was a shirt dress with buttons. I told her to try it on to make sure it fit. She tried to put it over her head without undoing any buttons so I told her she had to undo a couple of buttons first. Peter was in the room with us and piped up “If she wears that I am NOT going to play with her!”

“Why not? Because it has buttons?” I asked.

“Yes because I HATE buttons!” he said.


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