At least he doesn’t discriminate…

30 Jul

The kids were not cooperating at bedtime so Dean and I told them they were on their own. I gave them a few minutes and when I didn’t hear anyone brushing their teeth I asked why not. Charlotte told me that Peter needed help so I asked her to help him. “But he doesn’t listen to me!” she yelled. “I DONT LISTEN TO ANYONE!” Peter yelled back.

Captain Peter

13 Jul IMG_3634

This afternoon Grandpa let Peter drive the boat by himself. Later while I was having a rest, I said “Peter, I’m pretty tired. You might have to drive home.”

“I only have my motorboat liscence” he replied. 

My leg is cracked

10 Jul

So we’re having breakfast today and I see Peter looking at his legs under the table and he says :\P: Hey – my broken leg is better! (but still sounding a bit forlorn)

M: You had a broken leg?

P: Yah.

M: How did you break your leg?

P: Jumping on the trampoline L It cracked.

At that point I burst out laughing because it reminded me of one of my favorite “Kid Snippets”

Fish Sitters

29 Jun IMG_3203-0

Peter: i’m not going on the boat. I don’t want to be on the water. 

Me: So are we leaving you behind? 


Me: Who will take care of you?

Peter: Um…the fishies at the dock. 

Sort of Too Young to Die

28 Jun IMG_3097

We’re driving to the lake and there was lots of smoke from the wild fires. Charlotte asked if the smoke was bad for you and I said if there was lots of it. In a very over the top dramatic voice she said “Noooo! I’m too young to die!” And then in a normal voice “mom- you’re  sort of too young to die”  

Spontaneous Combustion

25 Jun

We had just dropped Charlotte off at soccer and we’re going to find a parking spot when Peter said ,”I don’t want to get out. I want to stay in the car and overheat.” When I told him he couldn’t stay in the car he said “I won’t start on fire!” 


The Car Cave Hotel

30 May IMG_2432

Once when I was a baby I had a baby car and I was driving it all around in your tummy and I drove it to a hotel with a car cave and it was called the car cave hotel and that’s where I went when I was a baby. And the hotel was full of babies.


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