Working the System

28 Jan

A couple of weeks ago we went to visit my mom in the city and she wanted to take us to her workplace to meet her co-workers. My mom works at a florist shop and they also sell gifts and decorative items. My mom, being the doting grandmother, was showing C the stuffed animals and dolls and told her that she could choose one toy and grandma would buy it for her. Eventually C settled on a stuffed doll. It just so happened that there were 2 of the same doll and C asked if she could have two. because “they have to dance together”.  We said no, she could only pick one toy BUT she could pick one out for P if she wanted. After a minute of deliberation she picked up the other doll and said ” P needs a doll just like mine, but he’s too little to play with it so I’ll play with it for him!”


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