Tickling the Ivories

8 Feb

Every now and then C really astounds me. Last week was one of those times. For a while now I’ve been playing “King of Anything” by Sara Bareilles on my computer for C to listen and dance to.  As I was driving to daycare C said “Mommy can you play my song? The one with all the  piano in it?”  For a second I was confused but then I remembered her refering to King of Anything as “her song” so I asked if that was the song she meant and she said yes. At the time I was listening to another song so I said ” Ok but I just want to finish listening to this song first ok?” and she thought about it for a minute and said “Ok, this song has piano in it too.”

Woah. She was right – on both counts. Since when can she pick a specific instrument out of a song? Shes pounded on the keys of the piano at her grandparents house a few times but I didn’t realize she was that familiar with it.


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