Those 3 Words I Never Want to Hear

9 Feb

“Don’t worry mom…”. Those 3 words NEVER preceed anything good.

Charlotte KNOWS (because I’ve told her numerous times) that she is not supposed to touch my Kobo. Sometimes while I’m reading I’ll let her turn the page for me but she has been told time and again not to fiddle around with it.  I was making supper in the kitchen last night and she was in the living room watching tv (yup I plop my kid in front of the TV to keep her out of trouble and USUSALLY it works…) when she yelled ” Don’t worry mom, I’m not playing with your book. I just was trying to fix it. (And here is where I think – it wasn’t broken WHY DOES IT NEED FIXING???). It’s just broken but the button was just pushed but I’m just fixing it. I’m not playing with it.” Yah right!  At least all she did was turn a couple of pages. Whew!


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