Excuses, Excuses

10 Feb

If there was an award for coming up with the best excuses for getting out of bed I’m sure C would be in the running.Normally I would just lead her back to bed but tonight I was busy nursing P and she threw all these gem’s at me at one time :

“Mom I’m having trouble falling asleep”

“Something woke me up”

“I was having a nightmare”

“I heard a noise”

“P woke me up” (P was nursing/asleep in my lap)

“A car woke me up”

“Remember to put P to sleep” *door shuts*

*door opens *”Remember you have to put P to bed” dsoor shuts*

*door opens* “Don’t forget to rock P” *door shuts*

Was she going for the record of the most excuses used in two minutes?


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