11 Apr

A while back there was a great deal on balance bikes on Hautelook and since I have been wanting one for Charlotte for quite some time I couldn’t pass it up. Not wanting to give it to her just anytime we decided that it would be this weeks “super reward” for her reward chart (not going to get into that…).

When I showed her the bike she was totally pumped about it and I was really excited too. As the week drew to a close and she still needed a few more stickers to get the super reward we reminded her of a few things she could do  like clean up her room a bit or try to poop on the potty. We told her that if she got 2 more stickers we would get the bike out of the box and we could go ride it. And do you want to know what she said? “No. I don’t want to try to go to the bathroom.”

“But if you don’t go to the bathroom you won’t have enough stickers for your super reward this week.”

“I don’t want the bike anymore. You can send it back to the store and get me some makeup instead ok?”

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Then of course 20 minutes later she wanted the bike, 30 minutes after that she didn’t want it again and so on and so forth for the rest of the day…


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