Sometimes She Blows My Mind

27 May

And today was one of those days. A bit of back story:

This morning as I was dropping Charlotte off at daycare, another parent who was just leaving almost backed over us with her car. (For your info – most parents doing drop off have to walk thru the middle of the parking lot because there is no sidewalk and it’s the most direct way to the door. We were halfway past her car when she suddenly and very quickly started backing up and didn’t stop until I yelled and she slammed on the brakes within a foot of us). I was shaken up and just wanted to get the heck into the daycare. I didn’t stop to figure out w ho it was ( but I knew the color of the hair of the person driving and the color of the car[red]).

Fast forward to later that day. I went to pick Charlotte up and decided to peek at the sign in sheet to see if any other kids were dropped off around the time this happened. There was only one. I had no idea what kind of car she drove but on a hunch I asked Charlotte. (Charlotte has had all the parent’s cars memorised since she was about 20 months old). I said ” Charlotte – do you know what kind of car ___________’s mom drives?” and she replied “Yes a red car. And ___________’s momma almost ran over us with her car this morning!”

Insert my jaw dropping here.


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