Charlotte’s Nightmare

25 Jun

C:Mommy last night I had a really bad dream!
K: Oh? What did you dream about?
C: I dreamed that I was at daycare and Brynn and I could fly.
K: That was your bad dream?
C: No there’s more. We flew to the grocery store and you were there and grandma was there and we flew down the asle past you and got in grandmas cart. Grandma pushed us past the vegetables and then someone took grandma’s cart!!
K: That was the bad part of your dream?
C: No! Grandma was going to give me and Brynn a snack but she couldn’t because she had NO CART TO PUT THE SNACKS IN!!


One Response to “Charlotte’s Nightmare”

  1. Jaclyn June 25, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    That’s hilarious! I love the way their minds work at this age. Sometimes their fears are so incredibly grown-up, and sometimes it’s just all about the snacks. 🙂

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