That’s a Function of the Stomach I’ve Never Heard of Before

5 Nov

At supper tonight Charlotte said she wanted a cookie when she was done supper. I said she could have one after music class. She told me that her stomach said if she didn’t get a cookie she wouldn’t eat anymore. I said “That’s too bad because your stomach isn’t in charge”.  Her reply was, “My tummy is a grownup, not a kid”. “Oh” I said. “Does your tummy pay bills and have a job?”

“Yes my tummy works” she said.

“What does your tummy do?” I asked.

” It plays with my heart!”. At this point Dean and I could barely contain our laughter. Then she continued “My tummy plays with my heart to make it nicer. If my tummy didn’t play with my heart I would just get meaner and meaner…”


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