15 Dec

I’ve really been slacking on keeping up with the hilarity that is Charlie (speaking of which some of the kids at school have taken to calling her Charlie and I think it’s cute but she hates it). Anyway on the way to daycare the other day I told Charlotte that we should buy a present for her bus driver and asked her what she thought we should get. “I know! A Coffee maker!” she yelled. “Um no that’s a bit too much” I said. “What about a Christmas tree?” she asked. “I don’t think it would fit on the bus” I told her.” We should get her your favorite ice cream (the PC kind with candy cane and chocolate pieces)”. ‘It’s hard to give people ice cream because it might melt” I said.  “Ok how about a donut?”. Um so we’ve gone from coffee maker to donut? In the end we settled on a Tim card.


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