I can’t handle the drama!

3 Oct

If this is what 5 year old girls are like I have no idea how I am going to deal with a teenage one! For the last week (at least) Charlotte has started crying and freaking out hysterically over one little thing or another. Tonight she was upset because she wouldn’t eat her supper and we told her she couldn’t have a desert (we weren’t having any anyway). I know can you believe it! When she was done bathing she was still going on and on about it so I told her if she mentioned it one more time there was absolutely no way she would get any treats for at least the next week. Well what do you know she brings it up again so I tell her that there will be no treats and the screaming crying starts.

” I don’t like this place!!” “This place is boring because of mom. WAHHHHHH!”
” Do you also want to ruin my birthday and Christmas ” I asked (because that’s what she said once before”.
“No! I want Christmas. Just for me! And Peter and Sammy but not mom! WHAAA!” ” No one loves me”
Now it should be mentioned that I had come to her and told her I would help her with her reading homework and stay in her room but she said no. At some point she also said she didn’t love me. Then later (when it was way past when she should have been asleep) she asked for help and I said no. I told her it was wayyy too late but I would come stay with her and then help her in the morning. She stars freaking out saying she won’t get her homework done and she won’t be able to watch tv in the morning. Then Peter comes in with his orange and she says “WHY DOES PETER GET DESERT!!”. I said ” I told you you could have fruit. Peter doesn’t get anything else – just fruit. Now do you want me to come to your room?”
“No I want something to eat”
“What do you want”
” A dunkaroo”

and on and on it goes. “No one will do homework with me! Daddy only loves Peter! This day is the worstest day of my whole entire life! I don’t like mommy! Nobody wants me around!”
Honestly I can’t handle it. She still isn’t in bed – she’s out in the hallway sobbing. I can’t go out there because I’m not getting into this with her again.


One Response to “I can’t handle the drama!”

  1. Richelle October 3, 2013 at 3:40 am #

    Oh…. The fun. Good luck!

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