Well thats one way to lose a tooth!

24 Mar

Charlotte’s tooth had been getting looser and looser this week. On Saturday she was wiggling it constantly but we had to go to her great-grandmothers funeral so we asked her to stop while we were in church (because who wants to deal with a bleeding mouth in the middle of a funeral). After everything had finished up we were heading to her grandparents house and Dean was driving. The light ahead was going to turn yellow but he kept going. At the last minute he decided to stop and braked pretty hard. Next thing we know Charlotte is freaking out in the backseat and yelling “Ow! Dad you made me yank on my tooth!!” so I turned around and there was Charlotte with bloody gums and her tooth barely hanging on. I got a tissue out of my purse and handed back to her and 2 seconds later she yelled “MY TOOTH CAME OUT!!!”. Turns out when Dean hit the brakes she was wiggling her tooth with her fingers and the momentum made her yank on her tooth!  I think next time she has a loose tooth we are going to go for a drive…


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